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With over 40 years of call answering and customer care experience
we handle all calls in a professional, friendly and efficient manner,
as if we are based in your office.

Telephone answering services & call answering service

We are a group of experienced professional pa’s answering your calls as if based in your own office

Telephone Answering

What does one new customer mean to your business? More importantly what does one LOST customer mean to your business?

Diary Management

To compliment your telephone answering services, we offer as standard, our diary management and booking service.

Order Processing

At Messages 4U, we don’t take basic messages, we can process orders, manage your diary, answer a script of questions and so much more.

Virtual Receptionist

With our virtual receptionist service, you get the benefits of a switchboard with none of the hassle or expense of employing someone.

Telephone Answering Service


With our telephone answering services, you will have a personal assistant who is trained to know your business and handle your calls; your PA will have a team assigned to them for your business.

Our aim is to help you gain a professional image, save time and money and help you grow your business.

We can provide small businesses with your own personal receptionist or if you are a larger organisation, we can provide you with a switchboard or receptionist overflow service.

‘When you are out or busy, we are always available to support your business’

We also offer customer care lines, support lines, order lines, brochure request lines, media response lines, ticket and event booking lines.

‘In fact, if it involves answering a phone, we can help you ‘

We believe that once you try our call answering service and see the benefits that you will want to stay so we are offering a 14-days FREE trial with no obligations to enable you to see the benefits of our call answering services.

Signs You Need to Hire Telephone Answering Services

Wondering if you need to hire telephone answering services? Some business sectors need them more than others, but the benefits make them worth the investment if you do hire them. You see, a professional telephone presence can make a huge difference in the way you do business. Imagine someone answering all your calls so you don’t have to. The less time you spend on the phone, the more time you have for other core functions of your business.

Who Needs Call Answering Service?

  • Accountancy Firms
  • Corporate Businesses
  • E-commerce Companies
  • Estate Agents
  • Facilities Management Companies
  • Law firms
  • Medical Practices
  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Recruitment Firms

These industries and many more outsource call handling to make a good first impression. The people providing telephone answering services are trained to deal with callers professionally. But do you really need to hire someone else to take your calls?

Signs you need Telephone Answering Services

High volume of calls

Can you still keep up with the number of clients calling? If one missed call can mean an opportunity lost, it is best to have someone else take all your calls and provide solutions to whatever concerns the caller has. Stay on top of your game with the right tools in place.

Brand perception needs a boost

Do you want to be perceived as prompt and quick on your toes? Call handling will help ensure all calls are answered quickly, which will project an image of professionalism and promptness. This will help develop a level of trust between you and your customers, resulting in a successful business.

Customer loyalty must be kept intact

People prefer to speak to a human being than a machine. No one likes to press a lot of buttons either and still fail to reach someone or get what they need. Email exchange, on the other hand, may be quick, but the faceless aspect of it makes the entire encounter impersonal.

If your customers get to talk to someone with a professional tone and language, they find it easier to get their point across. With a good hospitality tactic integrated with the call answering service, you will make clients feel welcomed. They would think twice about doing business with someone else who might not have the same call service.

If you’re receiving more calls than you can handle, want to boost brand perception, and ensure customer loyalty, you should outsource call handling. When you do, you will reap amazing benefits.

Perks from a Call Answering Service

Improved customer service and experience

How quickly calls are answered can make a huge difference in a customer’s experience. No one likes to be on hold for a long time or to end up calling repeatedly because the problem was not resolved.

Better focus on other important areas of your business

With someone else taking your calls, you don’t have to worry about them being unanswered. Now that the task is off your hands, you can then focus on:

  • Improving branding
  • Increasing sales and revenue
  • Increasing employee motivation
  • Improving company organization
  • Developing strategies for success
  • Saving money

This may seem a contradiction since you’re outsourcing the job to a third-party, but you do save money by doing so. Because you’re only paying for the services rendered and not employee compensation and benefits.

Meet The Founder

Rachel Barnes and Sharon Atkinson were used to working with major clients, such as Vodafone and Orange, in their previous roles managing inbound and outbound call activity at the Garlands call centre on Teesside. …

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“The idea to launch our company came from looking at London and the US where virtual receptionists are huge. It means you never miss a call, never lose out on the chance to do business.” …